Coppa d'Asia 2023: Guida Completa a Calendario, Classifiche, Capocannonieri & Assist

Dati Della Lega

Standard:Dati a tempo pieno, a metà tempo, a casa e via per diverse stagioni.

Dati di partita:Dati di corrispondenza storici per diverse stagioni, inclusi punteggi, probabilità, angoli, handicap, over/under, carte rosse e gialle e altri dettagli live match.

Dati del giocatore di calcio:Record del giocatore, inclusi gol segnati, fogli puliti e passaggi.

DiCoppa d'Asia

Since 1972, the final tournament is played in two stages: the group stage and the knockout stage. Since 2019, 24 teams are divided into six groups, each of which will be divided into four teams for a single cycle competition. The winner will take 3 points within 90 minutes, and the two sides will take 1 point respectively in the draw, and the losing team get no points. Each team plays three games in a group of four, with the winners and runners-up from each group advancing to the knockout stage along with the four best third-placed teams. In the knockout stage the sixteen teams compete in a single-elimination system. If no winner team within 90 minutes, an extra time will be held. If the overtime match is even, the penalty kick will be made.