England FA Cup 2023: Guida Completa a Calendario, Classifiche, Capocannonieri & Assist


Dati Della Lega

Standard:Dati a tempo pieno, a metà tempo, a casa e via per diverse stagioni.

Dati di partita:Dati di corrispondenza storici per diverse stagioni, inclusi punteggi, probabilità, angoli, handicap, over/under, carte rosse e gialle e altri dettagli live match.

Dati del giocatore di calcio:Record del giocatore, inclusi gol segnati, fogli puliti e passaggi.

DiEngland FA Cup

FA Cup is open to any eligible club of the English football league system, including the Premier League, League One, League Two and non-League teams. The competition consists of eight rounds. Fixtures resulting in a draw (after normal time) go to a replay, except for semi-finals and final. If that replay is still tied, the winner is settled by a period of extra time, which is divided into first and second half, 15 minutes for each. If there is a draw again, a penalty shootout decides. Semi-finals are played at a neutral venue. The final is played at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, so that both teams do not have home advantage and the winner can be settled by one game. As for the semi-finals and final, if both teams are tied after 90 minutes, extra time or penalty shoot-out are needed.